Ken Calhoun is an internationally recognized trainer and is dedicated to helping traders learn precision, intelligent active trading skills. Working with Ken, traders learn how to identify support and resistance areas, trends, entries and exits for their stocks, along with hundreds of other proprietary techniques.

Ken trains members in how to swing trade with 15-day & 90-day candlestick charts and to day trade using 1-minute charts, sector breakouts, gaps, $TRINQ, sector trading and market indexes, and advanced time and sales/tape reading and candlestick chart pattern sector trading techniques with live market examples.

As an internationally published business management consultant, Ken Calhoun previously trained over 31,000 people from dozens of companies worldwide (including Sheraton, Chevron, Hyatt and others). He took his profits from a successful 12-year consulting career and discovered the world of active stock trading.

A former statistical quality trainer/engineer for aerospace/defense and automotive industries, Ken holds both Bachelor’s (UCLA, 1986) and Masters’ (CSULB, 1991) degrees and applies a wealth of disciplined charting and applied TA chart pattern knowledge to his active trading methods.

Many traders lack the tools, training, discipline, and patience to be successful. Personally I believe that for myself, papertrading for the first couple of years before trying to trade live capital would have been a wise approach. We enjoy active trading, and wish you the best in your trading activities as well. Take your time to learn our methods, and best wishes for success with your trading, once you learn our advanced techniques.

Ken Calhoun is Trade Mastery & Daytrading University’s founder and is a successful entrepreneur, trainer and active trader.

As a UCLA and CSULB graduate (psychology) and real trader, Ken Calhoun knows exactly how to coach and help you with the specific entry and exit “mechanics of the trade”. You’ll participate in world-class interactive trading activities with him that you need to help make your trading approach more professional.

Fact: most trading “coaches” don’t even trade, or aren’t UCLA-degreed in pscyhology. Since Ken Calhoun has both, he’s uniquely positioned in the trading industry to be one of the more valuable resources available today for active traders.

Ken Calhoun pioneered modern-day Tape Reading strategies for active traders. Although recently copied by his competitors, Ken has been the industry’s authority on this topic for over a decade, publishing “The Tale of the Tape” article in 2002 Active Trader magazine, speaking to international crowds of traders at MoneyShow Traders’ Expos and more.

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