On rare occasion I get a request like "I bought one of your DVDs 7 years ago and damaged/scratched it, can I get a replacement".

And no, I do not have any unlimited multi-year replacement strategy for damaged DVDs. I will replace any defective or nonplaying one within 90 days of your original purchase (you need to contact me for an RMA number and return it to an address I will provide), and I will check it. 99%+ of our DVDs play fine for everyone, they're fulfilled by Amazon.com's Createspace division, who handles our DVDs. They cannot replace DVDs many years after an order, of course -- that's not reasonable.

If you buy a movie DVD on Amazon and damage it 5 years later, you'd need to repurchase the original DVD. So be sure to keep them in a safe place and if you do need a replacement, it would need to be solely because it's defective, and contact us within 90 days after your original order date. That's plenty of time to test it out.

Also try watching your DVD in at least 2 or 3 different DVD players, like the one on your television set, in addition to a computer/pc/laptop DVD player.