(last updated: Sept 30, 2012)

Hi -

Once you buy one of our DVD systems, you're in for top-quality active trader training. All sales final for all DVDs, though we will replace any defectives at our expense if they are returned within 90 days of your purchase. Most of our DVDs are fulfilled and shipped by Amazon.com's Createspace on-demand division, for top quality DVD production.

To make the most of your trading system, please follow these guidelines:

NEW DVD PURCHASERS (first 90 days).

Step 1: Be sure to check every DVD in that you've purchased, using your home dvd theater system or computer DVD player. All our DVDs are region-free normal DVDs like hollywood movies; you can watch them in BOTH your television set's dvd player (or playstation or other dvd player), as well as your PC/computer dvd player.

Step 2: Use the menu and chapter forward/home buttons on your remote to navigate; most DVDs have an introductory video and/or menu screen, just navigate and click on the text/photo for the segment you wish to watch (or click "play all").

You are expected to check all DVDs and make sure they all work, within 90 days of your purchase. Good news: out of thousands of DVDs published we've only had a handful report isolated issues for specific customers, and usually those are resolved by simply trying to play them in a different DVD player.

If during the first 90 days of purchase you find any defective/non playing DVD, first try playing it in at least 2-3 different DVD players. If it still doesn't play back, then notify us for a replacement, and we'll provide return directions and RMA code for a replacement, at our expense. You must contact us using our help ticket system, to ensure we get your request in a timely manner, at:


DVD PURCHASERS (after 90 days following your purchase, up until 2 years following purchase).

You are expected to keep track of, and be responsible for your purchases. We cannot replace lost DVDs if you "lose" or misplace one, you need to repurchase it at full price from the relevant site. This is to prevent dishonest people from claiming they lost a dvd when in fact they didn't. As with any DVD you buy from Amazon.com etc, if you lose it, you will need to repurchase a replacement at full price.

If you damage a DVD (scratch/break it), and wish a replacement, we can offer that, if you RETURN the damaged one to us first, and we will charge you just our actual shipping and production charges as a replacement fee (usually this is less than $30 per DVD, though higher for international shipments).

So if you've bought and damaged a dvd say a year and a half after you bought it, contact us via help ticket system and I'll give you an individual RMA number that you must write on the package, with a mailing address to send it to. You need to send it to me at your expense via some trackable means (so that we both know I got it; for example FedEx, or US Postal Office with delivery confirmation).


I do this though it's not something I normally would do, if you bought and broke something, too bad. But I will replace any damaged disc for you if you return it to me, with trackable shipping for proof, and only charge you my actual shipping/replacement costs.

DVD PURCHASERS (over 2 years after purchase).

I actually had a customer contact me over Five years after they bought something, saying now it's not working and can they get a replacement. Really. If it's been over two years after you bought something, and now you lost or damaged it, or it's not working, then as with any DVD you'd buy from Amazon or Walmart or wherever, you would need to repurchase it at full price from the site (if that product is still even offered for sale any more). Please take care of your DVDs. I've never damaged or lost a single DVD in my collection, of hundreds, over many years. Be thoughtful, and take care of your content.