Sometimes traders do not get my webinar announcements, or downloadable video links (especially with sbcglobal and aol emails).

Please be sure to whitelist/add to contacts, my email addresses, such as ken at daytradinguniversity dot com and others.

Simply google the phrase "how to whitelist (your ISP/email provider)", such as "how to whitelist hotmail" or "how to whitelist aol", which means my emails should be able to get through better, if you add them to your "allowed"/"contact" list via whitelisting, following the directions provided:


Please follow these directions to add my email addresses (including ken@daytradinguniversity dot com and others):

this should help ensure you are getting the emails I am sending you, so that you do not need to ever contact me again asking for webinar downloads or accesses, since I have been sending them.

Also here is how to search all folders (including in gmail: