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Thread: Forum Guidelines: Read before posting - No URLs allowed

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    Default Forum Guidelines: Read before posting - No URLs allowed

    Welcome to Trading Talk, where active traders like us can "talk shop"!

    Let's make this a positive, friendly and helpful place for traders to spend time discussing 'hot topics' -- plus get all the answers you need to help you improve your trading skills. It's a place for You.

    Simple rules to keep this a professional, fun place for active traders:

    + Be supportive and respect each other

    + No commercial posting, signatures, psuedo-'reviews' of any kind nor affiliate links nor links to any commercial trading products/services. I've IP-banned and deleted over 17 people so far who tried to sign up then post their URL (forum spam). Zero tolerance for spam. You will NOT get a warning. If you ever attempt to post a message that contains a URL/domain name, I will simply IP-ban you, delete your username and your posts never appear here (since I moderate them all before they appear). Do NOT sign up if you intend to post any URLs/domain names here, because you'll get instantly, permanently deleted. This is because I want this forum to be a commercial-free, trader-friendly forum with ZERO ads or spam.

    + No self promotion of your website, nor shilling for others' sites. No displaying your website url or email or other contact information. Any users found violating our policy will be banned immediately.
    + No whining, complaining or nagging. Most of us are already married (lol).
    + No "stock picks" or hyping any financial instrument. Any member posting comments such as "stock abc is going up! buy now! will be banned immediately.
    + Focus on technical trading setups, and mental "how to stay focused" on successfully trading the markets.

    GOAL: Trading Talk is specifically designed to be a premium message board primarily discussing specific professional active trader strategies. We welcome technical trading tips and strategies, insights, things that will help other traders be more successful. Let's work together to keep it completely free of negative posts, attacks, and self-interest spamming and shilling. Very valuable.

    ==> Traders who are genuinely interested in sharing their experiences and trading strategies with other are welcome here. Vendors and ego-artists who have something to prove, or something to sell, will be quickly spotted and eliminated from posting here w/IP bans.
    We welcome all of you here, as we want to develop Trading Talk into a top-quality active traders' resource. Join us!

    == Keep it Professional:
    a) you may have seen juvenile flame wars and attack type posts and sarcastic comments made by anonymous people on other message boards. You won't see that here. Do it and you're deleted.
    b) please use the golden rule: give things some thought before posting. Choose your words carefully.
    c) We value honesty, professionalism, and responsible communications here.
    d) the message board is Not a place to ask "where's my video order I ordered 2 days ago and it's not here yet?" .. for order shipping inquiries/status, please email me directly - thanks!

    == Keep it Commercial-Free:
    a) No mentions of 3rd party URLs or resources in any threads. We must approve any 3rd party resources being mentioned, to avoid spamming.
    b) if you do participate in any thread involved in discussing 3rd party resources, you are required to disclose if you have any financial ties of any kind to that resource, or are a competitor of the resource being mentioned, advertiser, affiliate etc.
    c) private messaging and email notifications are totally disabled and never will be enabled. sorry, spammers - go elsewhere.
    d) note that you agree to all terms of our disclaimer at and agree to not make any financial and/or trading decisions of any kind based on information you see here. You hereby accept all liability in all trading decisions you make, and agree to consult with a registered investment advisor prior to buying or selling any trading instrument. Our house, our rules. We keep a tight ship here.

    == Keep it Technical and Practical
    a) It's great to hear what specific trading setups and patterns you've found most useful. You can even post charts in your threads!
    b) Let's make this a place where you can come to learn, share and gradually improve your skills and trading results.
    c) "How To" tips and tactics are welcome here, as are authentic insights and trading experiences you'd like to share.

    Welcome to the professional Trading Talk community for active traders!

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    Traders, note that since this is Not a financial advisory service and I'm Not a registered financial advisor, I cannot by law answer questions about what's best for individual traders' situations.

    I Can answer questions about my own personal trading experiences and trading strategies that I like to use.

    This is not a "get unlimited freebie consulting and training support from Ken" forum - please respect my time, and my need to focus on my business for everyone's sake, so I can serve thousands of traders.

    Sample Questions of the type I CANNOT Answer:

    Q: "Ken, what should I do about my trading situation? I've been trading for 3 years and I always seem to have a hard time with .... what do you advise?" (you could, however, ask "what did you do when you had a tough time getting started"?).
    Q: "Ken, what broker do you recommend for me personally?" (it's ok to ask me "what broker do You use"? though)
    Q: "Ken, I want to make $5000 a week trading. How should I get started so I can reach my goal?" (you can ask "how did You get started?" though)
    Q: "Ken, what is the best type of stock I should daytrade?" (you can ask "what types of stocks, eg RIMM, BIDU do You trade?")
    Q: "Ken Where is the EUR/USD going from here? Where should I buy or sell GOOG?" (you can ask about trading technical patterns though, eg "I see a cup pattern in RIMM, is 125 resistance?")

    All of the above questions relate to individual-specific financial advice, which I cannot by law provide, since I'm not a registered investment advisor. The alternatives in parentheses describe the kind of questions I can answer for you.

    More Sample Questions of the type I CAN Answer:

    Q: "Ken, in your eSignal ADX breakout article, you mention the ADX going over 40 -- do you also look at volume?"

    Q: "Ken, in Module 7's lesson in the course, you talk about scanning with volume 2-day high/low moves. Do you usually wait til after 9:45am to put on a trade for that play?"

    Q: "Ken, I see that you like to trade stocks over $20/share. Why don't you personally like to trade stocks that are $5/share?"

    The above 3 questions relate to clarifying my own personal trading strategies, which I Can answer for you.

    The rule of thumb is, you can ask me about how I trade, and about my trading strategies that I personally use. You cannot ask me what's best for your personal trading situation. Hope that clarifies it for everyone!

    Also, please do not post commercial urls to sites that are direct competitors of mine, or are affiliates of competitors (I won't approve threads that have urls of trading trainers/coaches/seminars/dvds etc). However, it is fine to post links to news-type sites like,,,, and educational books etc that are helpful, of course.



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