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    Default Trading Sequence

    I have questions on how you manage to pick the stock to trade out of so many.
    The challenge I find is to move fast enough after the market opens.
    I tend to miss the move.

    Let's see if I get thie sequence right, I need a check list.....
    What I learn from your webinar last night is:

    Run the largest percentage move scan.
    Check the chart
    I have a PC and a laptop, I can have maximum 6 charts to watch on my PC.
    Have the order ready on the laptop with IB.

    Would this work?
    I really like your system, and hope I can manage to find the right stock to trade at the right time.

    Thanks again Ken.

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    Great question; I manually scan through hundreds of charts, clicking on each one for a second or two; then adding alerts for those that have the best patterns, so I can follow them.

    To spot most-volatiles, I look at a variety of sources each morning, including, cnbc (cable tv),, esignal "Ctrl-L" leaderboard for percent gain/loss stocks in realtime,, and more..


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