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Thread: Who is Ken Calhoun? Some background information...

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    Default Who is Ken Calhoun? Some background information...

    For those who aren't familiar with me, you can learn a bit more about me at the "about me" page at the site:

    My former clients:

    I'd started out as a TQM trainer/facilitator at Rockwell International (Seal Beach, CA), and McDonnell Douglas (Long Beach) back in the 80's. Then I became a statistician/quality engineer, working for Ford Motor and others. Then I moved to Hawaii in the early 90's, consulting for many of their top-100 businesses. Finally, I founded in 1999, and have been doing that mostly full time ever since. I graduated UCLA back in '86, and have both BA and MS degrees. My master's thesis was on "Kaizen", or continuous improvement -- and it's been a way of life ever since.

    I'm also known as a top internet marketer and have produced various information products and seminars in the copywriting and marketing arenas... as it's important to be able to both create "how to" products and market them effectively. It's been a lot of fun so far... more to come. I don't limit myself to just the trading industry only, though it's most of what I do.

    I'll also update here with new developments of interest.

    Here's more on me at the site, too:

    To success,


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    Working to expand the business via jvs and affiliates; lots of work underway.


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