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10-17-2012, 08:47 AM
(from an email sent October 2012)

This is an absolute "must read" article for active traders.

Hi {!firstname_fix},

With rare exceptions, most of the proprietary scanning trade
software I've seen on the market is bad news for active traders.

Here's why...

It makes you dependent on someone else for trading.

And that's exactly the wrong reason to trade. Any smart professional
trader will tell you, you don't want to spend thousands of dollars
on proprietary 'green/red' signal software... because that doesn't work.

It's kind of like politics.. do you favor entitlement "socialist"-style
big government software approach to trading that tells you when and
what to trade, software that does thinking for you and patronizingly
tells you what to trade?

...and by the way that type of software doesn't even work, or else
the software developers would trade it to become rich. Instead, they
overcharge traders for monthly fees, big upfront costs, and can't even
prove they trade, with P&L screencaps of actual trades they've made,
like I show.

OR...do you favor an entrepreneurial small-business independent
approach to trading, like I do? Which means you've got to take
time to learn the skills it takes to actually trade. The visual
skills that any professional trader has, are skills that you can
learn as well.

That's why I've been trusted by so many thousands of traders, is
I'm #1 a real trader with proof, and #2 hundreds of testimonials
from thrilled traders, including video ones, plus #3 I take a simple,
fast, no-nonsense professional approach to helping traders learn
all the nuances of how to trade specific trading patterns.

It's like the movie "The Matrix":

The SOFTWARE pill: "buy expensive signal software that allegedly
shows you what and when to trade; it doesn't actually work though,
but makes for a nice fairy tale that's overpriced and bad for you"..
(this is kind of like a 'fad diet pill' that promises instant success,
but is an epic fail and costly misstep for struggling traders)


The REAL TRADERS' pill: "take the years of time it takes to learn
from trusted industry professionals... learn the pattern recognition
skills that pro traders use, independent of software, instead using
your brain and your own two eyes, to learn how to enter and exit
trades the correct (though hard) way".

The promise of "magic software" (like diet pills) is alluring,
until you realize it's "fool's gold" and doesn't work. And by
that time, you're out of money. Bah humbug. It really saddens
me to see so much bs in the trading industry. Because the predatory
industry bs artists take money from struggling traders that they
can ill afford, and for bs that doesn't even working real trading.

Learn from credible people instead. You know who they are. They
teach you HOW to trade, by taking time to learn the patterns that
work. Good people like Steve Nison, Peter Bain, Toni Turner,
Barry Rudd, and other genuinely helpful, credible authorities.

/rant off

Taking time to learn the skill of trading is challenging, and
most folks never make it, because they don't have patience. Like
any life skill, REAL trading takes years to learn... so enjoy the
journey. And don't get led astray by "software salesmen" that
infest the trading industry.

Learn HOW to trade instead.

QUOTE of the DAY:

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain".
- Wizard of Oz

See who's behind the curtain. Can they prove they trade?
Can they TEACH you the skills of how to actually trade?

Dedicated to your trading success,

Ken Calhoun, President
PriceActionMastery.com (post your comment today)
ForexBreakouts.com (w/Peter Bain)
StockTradingSuccess.com (w/Steve Nison)