View Full Version : The REAL Trading Revolution Is ON for 2010: Only Buy From People Who PROVE They Trade

12-04-2009, 11:20 AM
(originally sent to my email list Dec 4, 2009):

The "Real Trading Proof Revolution" for 2010 is ON...

P.P.S. WARNING: Don't Buy Trading Systems from Internet Marketers
who Aren't Even Real Traders... Here's Why:

There's a new flood of slick internet marketers out there with
fancy salespages, and high-pressure webinars for overpriced unproven
bs out there, and you should avoid it.

Why? Because they are mostly just affiliate marketers who send
out floods of emails and "squeeze pages" (you know, the kind
where they FORCE YOU to enter your email into a cheesy opt-in
box) so they can send you incessant spam, phony testimonials, and
limited-time high pressure pitches for stuff that they can't
even prove works.

I've seen their seminars and their approach, all they care about
is "how to cross pitch" to each others' lists so they can all grab
money from unsuspecting traders; how to "monetize their traffic
with listbuilding" and other money-grabbing tactics.

They have carefully constructed webinars with fake scarcity ploys
(like "hey we've only got 200 systems left and they're flying off
the shelves, order in the next 20 minutes or you'll be left out)..
You Do know better than to fall for that bs, right?

They're not real traders who are profitable. Can't prove themselves.

And worse yet, they don't care about traders. You've been lied
to by many of the people in the trading industry. If you've
long suspected that most of those people aren't even real traders,
you'd be right.

the PROOF? Ask them to show you brokerage P&L screencaps like
I provide, regularly, to demonstrate they're real traders. They
can't. They may claim to be traders, but without PROOF of real
P&L screencaps from brokers, they're just phonies and scammers.

Pass the word on forums and discussion boards and twitter and
other social media sites. DEMAND to SEE PROOF of REAL TRADES
that the vendors in the trading industry have made recently, or
avoid buying from them -- they just want to take your money.

Learn instead from those very few of us who are actual traders,
(not pitchmen), who can prove their trading skills with real
brokerage screencap Proof of trades they've made. If they can't
show that, you might want to consider not wasting your money on
their unproven huckster bs content.

My recent July survey proves that many of you agreed with me:
(over 80% of traders agreed it's important to only learn from
actual real working traders).

What are your thoughts on it? Am I the only guy in the whole
trading industry who thinks like this? Personally I'm a big
skeptic of the whole trading industry (which is why I started
my sites 10+ years ago, as a "voice of reality" in trading).

Do you guys actually think it's smart to spend hundreds of dollars
on trading systems from people who can't even prove that they're
actual, working, profitable traders? I'm astonished if you do.

Most of the people in the trading industry are "posers" and fakes.
Raise the bar, say "where's the beef" re trading confirmation
broker P&L screencap proof from now on -- make that a 2010 new
year's trading resolution, to avoid being scammed by the many
internet-marketers-parading-as-traders online nowadays.

They're slick, they get lots of people to email for them -- and
they are both a waste of your money and time, plus misguide traders
since their content is not based on proven real actual recent trades.

They may seem nice and pleasant (most con men are), but underneath
is a huckster reaching for your wallet. Stay clear, traders.

Be careful out there (like the desk sarge used to say on the tv
show "Hill Street Blues").